The right solution to your needs.

Choice’s of materials

Mother Nature gives us hundreds of colors of natural stone and that’s why we offer you the possibility to choose among many of them that you appreciate.

Technical evaluation

Before making your choice, we will evaluate with you the characteristics of the materials depending on your project and the beauty to valorize it.

Technical design

Our technical department consists of a team of experienced surveyors in the CAD drawing to help the architectural studies and to be able to study with you the best solution for your project.

Taking measurements

Our work on your project starts here, with a team of experts who will also assist your architect, designer or other craftsman. The same team will follow up to installation.

Laboratory testing

Using natural stone and our technology we can create drawings and millimeter cuts. The marble carpet or the “open stain” are tested in our laboratory so that the result is excellent.


Each natural stone processing happens with slabs of customer’s choice. Packaging is well cared to guarantee the transport in Italy and abroad.


Through our partners we can arrange transport. We can support your carriers you trust in. We can make deliveries with our trucks to different areas in Italy.


The quality of the installation is the end result of a good slab’s selecting and a perfect cutting.  Our installers are good professional craftsman, offering excellent performance for different finishing stones.

CE certification

Our information on characteristics material are important for the final result: for long time our  technical tests for some natural stones helped us for the right choice.